Care & Training

20130531_083watermarkWe are pleased to share a unique aspect of puppy rearing to our program. Not only do we offer an early socialization program but we take seriously our puppies’ temperaments and teachability when we place our puppies into their forever families. Wendy Volhard, a leading animal behaviorist and trainer has designed a very accurate assessment that can be performed on young puppies as a predictor. This tool allows us to determine your puppy’s areas of strengths and growth areas (areas that might need extra attention). You may read more about the Volhard method by looking at Our goal is to provide excellent pet puppies that are highly sociable.

We also regularly donate puppies to be trained as service companions or facility therapy dogs for hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. This test allows us to screen therapy dog candidates and we are proud to offer this service to our families and our puppies.

Are you looking for puppy school? We recommend Warren Patitz at For the Dogs in Zionsville. We also recommend Bark Tutor in Broad Ripple area in Indy.
Looking for a Doggie Daycare? Check out Wigglebutt Doghouse and tell them Mindi sent you!

We are blessed to have Karen Patitz, a highly respected trainer in Indiana, as a part of CVL team. She has been a special friend of the family for years and we are proud to have her train all of our labradoodle breeding dogs and also screen our puppies. Karen also will provide a board and train opportunity for CVL pups. Contact Mindi for Karen’s contact info that is made available exclusively to CVL families! Read her references from our families and you will see why CVL and our families all love Miss Karen. Here’s one such reference…

Hi Mindi,

I just wanted to tell you that I contacted Karen Patitz. She took Marlee for a few days to help us with some key areas (walking on the leash, jumping on people etc). Thanks for the referral, she is truly amazing. There are many effective trainers in the area and a surprising amount use techniques that Greg and I are not aligned with…We are all about love and positive reinforcement. Karen is every bit of that and brings such a grounded energy to the space. I am impressed with the results (and grateful).

We obviously have to continue to work with Marlee but WOW was there progress in such a short time.

I tell Greg that the person that needs trained is probably me. I let Marlee get away with so much because I think she is so cute. It’s hard for me to have an “alpha” position as I just adore her cute moves and her “bad” habits. Oh well. There is still time to transform me.

Thanks again for the referral. It was a godsend!

Martha, Greg and Marlee