5 Reasons Two Dogs are Better than One

by Colonial Village Labradoodles on March 6, 2019

We all LOVE our furry friends but they can certainly keep us on our toes, and sometimes we feel like we can only handle one. But, we often forget how important canine companionship is for our pets. We decided to advicate for canine companionship by putting together Colonial Village’s top five reasons you need two dogs!

  1. Entertainment Often times our pets can be a lot! Whetehr you’re trying to eat dinner, watch a movie, or rest after a long day, you don’t always have time to play fetch or hide-and-seek. When dogs have a canine companion they always have someone to play with, and with this you don’t feel like you’re neglecting them just to eat your dinner peacefully.
  2. Simple Routine Adding a new member to the family is always easier when they are no tthe first — whether it is a dog, a baby, a child, or even a hamster! When you already allocate a portion of your day to walking, feeding, and playing with your pet, it is easier to adapt to adding another one. Most things dogs can do together, so it’s a minimal amount of work to provide a healthy lifestyle for you pet!
  3. Separation Anxiety We all know the pain of leaving our pet home alone, and having a way to ease that makes every dog mom feel better! While we all worry that leaving pets home in packs will lead to chewed up shoes and couches, it is your responsibility to find a laundry room, basement, or a comfortable yet safe area for them to play and not have much opportunity to create miscief. This will help your pets temperment all around, and help reducae any possible anxiety they feel!
  4. Training Training is so much easier in packs! Just like with children, it is easier to train when there are examples of negative and positive behaviors. When teaching your dogs simple commands sich as sit, they are smart enough to recognize that their brother/sister recieved a treat when they sat down. In turn, this encourages them to get on board and learn alongside!
  5. Double the Love! This one is SO simple! We all know how special our pets make us feel, and it truly is so special to have more and more of that special love. Expanding your canine family will bring more love and happiness to your human and canine family! 🙂