Sweet Caroline (la la la)…

by Colonial Village Labradoodles on October 24, 2017

We love Neil Diamond and were thrilled to name a girl for his famous song, Sweet Caroline. This is a truly special retirement litter for Caroline and Barrett. We have three large standard males in cream and black available from this litter and ready to go home on November 19. If you are looking for a therapy candidate this would be a great litter to consider!

DSC_1249 DSC_1248


This is Cooper

by Colonial Village Labradoodles on August 20, 2017

Cooper is a standard, apricot fleece male that should mature around 50 lbs.

He is ready to go home on August 31 and is a steady-as-she-goes puppy. He is jovial and easy going and will do great with kids or other dogs!



Avidog Conference and Scottish Connections

by Colonial Village Labradoodles on August 6, 2017

This past week, Kyle, Molly, Aidan, and I attended the Avidog Conference in Lebanon, Indiana with our dear friend, Alastair McKinney from Lomond Hills Labradoodles. We met Alastair and his family a few years ago when we took our entire family on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Ireland and Scotland for Christmas so that we could tour Kyle’s ancestral home in Kilmarry Knapp, Scotland.

We immediately hit it off with the McKinney family and have shared many breeding tips in the past few years and also shared our breeding dogs to improve each other’s programs. We were honored when Alastair came for a fortnight visit and to attend the Avidog Conference to learn new breeding, puppy raising, and puppy temperament assessment ideas. We look forward to implementing a number of their unique and creative techniques to improve our puppies and mamas’ experience. We truly go to the ends of the Earth to be the best breeders that we can be.



A New Commitment: Continuing Education

by Colonial Village Labradoodles on July 31, 2017

We sell dogs NOT puppies. Just as a wedding does not predict the success of a marriage, adopting a puppy does not guarantee that you will have a perfectly trained dog at a year. It is VERY important to invest time and energy throughout your dog’s life to keep a well trained dog. I absolutely cry when I see one of our puppies at one year of age still behaving badly. A dog’s behavior is 90% influenced by his owner. That is a ALOT of responsibility for the owner. My goal is to start blogging tips and tricks to help you have a well behaved dog and family member. Everyone will benefit!


Corabelle on the Belle of Louisville

by Colonial Village Labradoodles on April 19, 2017

On April 18th, Corabelle attended the “Who Works the Rivers” event on the Belle of Louisville: a 100+ year old stern-wheeler based in Louisville, KY.
The event is an opportunity for local high schoolers to consider careers in the waterways industry.
A number of employers in the area send ambassadors to discuss the industry, the jobs it offers and how to prepare for those jobs if one is thinking about a waterways career.
We have a harbor service in Jeffersonville, just across the Ohio River from Louisville, and so participate in this event whenever it is offered.
This year, CVL Corabelle, retired mama dog and our company mascot attended the event and was the star of the show.
She was perfectly behaved and still affectionate and charming and had her photo taken with about 40 of the 100-or-so teenagers and their teachers and sponsors who attended the event.
She, of course, had a blast.
She also wore the company colors and the industry-compulsory hard hat.
Big fun.

Corabelle on the Belle