Colonial Village Brooklyn
ALAA 030366

When we took Brooklyn to Purdue for her health testing, the young vets fell in love with her personality, type, and coat. She is stunning and turns heads wherever she goes. She is such a little lady. Her deep red puppy color has faded to a lovely shade of autumn leaves. She has a very curly fleece coat that is as soft as a cloud. Brooklyn lives in Zionsville with our family friends and is their second Labradoodle. She loves to play with her neighbor dogs on her cul-de-sac. We can’t wait to bring our Tuder’s lines back into our breeding program. She will have gorgeous red, cream, and apricot puppies!

“The moment we brought home the red coated curly tailed puppy we were in
love.  Brooklyn is so full of playful energy and gets along amazing with our
5 year old labradoodle.  (We were a little nervous, since he is such a
momma’s boy).  They have so much fun playing with each.    He loves her too.
She is quick to learn, likes to snuggle, and loves to be a part of the
family activities.  She likes to run around, play fetch, chase a stray leaf,
or play with the sprinkler.  She has won the hearts of all our family,
friends and neighbors.

Other fun facts:
-she smiles
-she loves other dogs
-loves to be outside
-she makes little barking noises when she sleep/dreams”

written by the Michele, Brookyln’s guardian mom