We are so pleased to introduce Chase Creek Comet to our breeding program! This gorgeous, super fleecy, and red boy is exactly what are breeding program was needing! He has OFA Excellent hips and amazing health testing! Thank you Peter and Nadine Briscoe for sending this lovable boy to us all the way from Canada! He is mellow and calm and is going with the flow of our crazy and busy life. We cannot wait to see his babies and with our red girls, his babies will be of the deepest autumnal colors!

Comet will have limited availability to select girls outside of our breeding program.

“We fell in love with Comet as soon as we set eyes on him! Not only is he a beautiful dog, but he is the sweetest, most affectionate, and laid back dog we have ever met. He has fit in our family perfectly. Our other Labradoodle Chloe, loves having a playmate and our three kids love having a second dog around too. Comet is a constant companion and always wants to be where we are. He loves playing fetch out in the back yard and he will roll over for a belly scratch at any chance he can get! He’s definitely a loyal and lovable dog!”

written by Comet’s guardian mom

Birthday: Oct 22, 2012
Height 22″ and Weight 40 lbs
ALAA # 021256

Click here to view pedigree: Pedigree – Comet

Comet CERF Nov 2011

Comet OFA