11-20-14Corabelle Corabelle is a true head turner. This strawberry blond beauty has great health testing, conformation, and is fifth generation in our breeding program. What a girl! We were so excited to breed her mama, Annabelle,  to Berkshire Labradoodles Cassanova to produce her and she is truly the total package. She lives with her family in Carmel and is her empty nester parents’ new daughter. She is slightly spoiled but we do not judge!

We hope to increase our red lines with Corabelle!

It would be fun to tell you our favorite stories about Corabelle, but there is neither time nor space for that, so this little brief will have to suffice. She is a remarkable dog – beyond the wildest expectations we would have ever dared consider. She is not simply instinctive, although she certainly shows that as she confidently and successfully herds family members in and around rooms and obstacles until she has them where she wants them – but she is also wonderfully intuitive as she discerns how to be gently affectionate with a senior citizen and wildly affectionate with our grandsons. She is smart and creative – as Labradoodles are – solving puzzles and making up games and entertaining herself by throwing a rubber bone across the family room, fetching it and throwing it back the other way and fetching her own throw again. She is an enthusiastic partner for any game of fetch or catch you can imagine. Here her athleticism takes over and she dazzles with a leap like Michael Jordan or an all-star shortstop tennis ball snare like Snoopy. She loves to play and does so with intensity, total commitment and absolute happiness.

She brings joy wherever she goes, including to my office several days a week where she is a welcomed mascot – often sporting a bandana with the company logo. She is perfectly behaved and a favorite – not only of the rest of our management team, but also of many clients and vendors. She is an affectionate beauty, completely capable of helping melt away any bad business karma with the tilt of her head and a big kiss.

Her dramatic style also makes her seem hilariously funny. She does everything with a little extra something. She even comes to a stop with a flair. A great lover of farmers’ markets, she has fans among vendors — a few of which have described her as the happiest dog they’ve ever seen, and among visitors who often are stuck by the enthusiastic spring in her step and – well – the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous. It’s still fun to watch children of all ages stroke her fleecy apricot coat and giggle, “Oh my gosh – she’s sooooo soft.” We didn’t have anything to do with her being brilliant and beautiful, but we enjoy giving her space where she gets to exercise her considerable winning talents and personality.






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