Dog Friendly In Carmel, Indiana

by Colonial Village Labradoodles on November 4, 2019


Dog Friendly in Carmel, Indiana


Not far from our farm in Sheridan is the upscale and trendy town of Carmel, Indiana. Carmel is considered one of the most dog friendly towns in Indiana and if you decide to people watch in certain areas you will undoubtedly observe a CVL puppy.  Most restaurants allow dogs for patio dining but none allow indoor dining. Call ahead to confirm.


Donatello’s in Carmel allow your dogs to enjoy a meal outside with you and on Thursdays offer “Dine with your Dog.” They will serve your pampered pooch its own bowl of chicken and rice.


We love walking our leashed dogs on the Monon Trail in Carmel. It is hard to build up speed as everyone wants to stop and pet our dogs. We use it for a stroll but not exercise!


Love to check out architecture? We eat on the patios in the Village of West Clay and then walk the neighborhood enjoying the amazing period homes. We love a home with a front porch.


Where are your favorite dog friendly spots?


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