Human Foods our Furry Friends Can and Cannot Have

by Colonial Village Labradoodles on February 4, 2019

Have you ever seen your child drop food on the floor and race to it so the dog doesn’t snatch it up? Or call your vet frantically becuase your pup got into the pantry? We have all been through the panic, which is why we thought it would be best to inform you on what human foods your furry family can and can’t eat.

It can seem like you are depriving your pet when you’re eaiting popsicles, ice cream, brownies, and other treats in front of them, but a good alternative I have found is freezing some fresh strawberries/fruits and feeding them on a hot or special day that you enjoy refreshing treats!


Cheese – our dogs love cheese, and cottage cheese; we feed cheese as a treat every so often and pull it out of the bag right in front of our dogs, so that they know the bag. This way, if/when they slip out the door or off the leash we grab the cheese to lewer them back, and it works every time!

Coconut – contains lauric which is very good for their immune system

Eggs – high in protein; only serve fully cooked

Fish – only serve fully cooked and with no bones; serve in moderation (about 1/wk)

Honey – contains vitamin A-B-C-D-E-K; serve in small amounts; helps with allergies by introducting pollen to their system

Peanut Butter – contains good fats and protein; too much can lead to weight gain and/or pancreas issues; I use this as a trick to get my dog to eat her food if she will not eat it (throw a small dollop on top or mix in)

Quinoa – strong nutritional value for pups

Tuna – can have in moderation if cooked fresh in water (NOT oil)

Turkey – plain, not covered in garlic/seasoning

Yogurt – no sugar/artificial flavors; helps strengthen digestive system with active bacteria


Do Not’s

Chocolate – contains methylxathines which stop the metabolic process; mayt cause diarrhea or vomiting; contained in high amounts can cause seizures, irregular heart function, and even death

Cinnamon – can irregulate stool (causing a mess); not toxic but best to avoid

Onions & Garlic – can cause anemia; if consumed it is not emergent, but monitor the situation

Ice Cream – too sugary

Macadamia Nuts – POISONOUS to dogs; leads to vomiting, fever, loss of mobility functions, lethargy