20130219_006watermarkColonial Village Kennedy
ALAA 017203

Kennedy is the delightful girl from Sweet Liberty and Sunny Sailor’s final litter. We were tickled that she received her mama’s good looks and personality. She is named Kennedy after her mama’s guardian family, The Kennedy’s.

They whelped and cared for this litter and we are so thankful for them. Kennedy has perfect health testing and OFA Excellent hips- her babies will be amazing! She lives with a fun guardian family in Carmel with two kiddos and one on the way. She is great with kids and has qualities to watch in a therapy dog.


“Everyday the Bigs go off to school and it is usually just me, Evie and the dog (and the cat – but he does not deign to grace us with his presence) hanging out. While it is true that I am pretty awesome, it appears that the dog is more awesome.

Evie and the dog spend a bunch of time together. The dog sniffs Evie’s butt and licks her almost constantly. Evie pulls the dog’s fur, shoves her fingers up her nose and inspects her teeth.

Evie giggles a lot. It’s a giving relationship. We are blessed to have an incredibly patient dog. I love these images of them together, just hanging out…”

from Ali, Kennedy’s guardian mom

Pedigree – CVL Kennedy

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