Colonial Village Lydia

April 7, 2015
Lovely Lydia, she has such a gorgeous Colonial name to match her beauty. She is the daughter of Phoebe and Comet and has the richest shade of Autumn leaves for her perfect fleece coat. She is a large medium at 40 lbs and is built so square. She lives with her guardian that is also the guardian for her mama, Phoebe. She is a ray of sunshine!









From Lydia’s guardian mom, Tanja:

I knew right away when I saw Lydia as a puppy, she was going to be our perfect dog.  And boy was I right!!  She is the most beautiful shade of deep red I have ever seen.  And her personality is AMAZING!  She is the perfect mix of play and cuddle.  There are times when all she wants to do is to be in our laps and cuddle, be petted, and give us lots of Lydia kisses.  Other times, you can just tell from her expression, all she can think about is BALL.  Ball, ball, ball, ball!  She will play fetch for hours and loves to catch the ball right out of the air.  And boy does she love to run with her doodle sisters!  Her expressions are priceless.  I really think I can tell what she’s thinking just by looking at her face and eyes.  I can’t imagine our family without her!!

CVL Lydia’s Evet

Pedigree-Colonial Village Lydia