Macy’s Parade
ALAA 025776

Macy was born on Thanksgiving Eve so she was named for the famous Thanksgiving Day Parade. Born at our home, she is the daughter of our Liberty Belle and looks so much like her mama only in black. Macy carries for all colors and her fleece coat is so luxurious. When I think of Macy, I think of her as on the go. She loves to meet new people, try new experiences, and learn any new trick. She is INCREDIBLY smart and loving. We look forward to using her to produce new therapy lines for us. She lives in Carmel with a large and loving family. Her guardian mom has plans to utilize her experience as a handler for therapy dogs to train Macy to go to work with her at a local college. Macy’s temperament is well –suited for any position where she can utilize her gifting. We adore Macy!

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