Madison is a very special dog to our family. In 2016, our family grew by the adoption of two special little children. Our new daughter needed a special girl of her own. We knew our dogs made spectacular therapy dogs and decided to use Madison as therapy for our little peanut. Madison has her Canine Good Citizen and will be working for certification to be a Comfort dog. They have bonded so well and Madison sleeps on her bed at night, sits quietly at her feet during homework time, or just hangs with our little Miss as her own special friend. Madison has helped comfort and bond our little Miss to our family and we are forever grateful to Madison. A portion of the sales of Madison’s puppies will be used to bless Safe Family of Central Indiana. She is a gift and we are honored to share her with your family, too.

We also breed Madison for Australian Bernedoodles. She produces a broad range of colors: tricolor, white markings, and brindles. Watch our site for her amazing rainbow hued litters!