Manorborn Sebastian

Manorborn Sebastian came to us from Lomond Hills Labradoodles in Scotland. A few year ago, my husband and I decided to take our children to Scotland and Ireland to follow the genealogy of the McMillan Clan. We had always admired Lomond Hills and were so excited when we were able to meet with the wonderful McKinney family. It was fun to meet another family that was actively involved in labradoodles at the same level we are. We are blessed to now call them good friends. When we met their little Sebastian, we begged them to sell him to us when they were retiring him from their breeding program. In February of 2017, Sebastian joined us in Zionsville. He lives in his forever home with my cousin Kim in Zionsville and her CVL doodle, Elliot. Sebastian has immigrated to the US and loves it on this side of the pond. We are THRILLED to introduce him as his deep rich color, perfect square conformation, and large mini size to our breeding program. Thanks, Lomond Hills!

Manorborn Sebastion Manorborn Sebastion