phoebe_wmColonial Village Phoebe

Phoebe is out of our Kennedy and Tuder. She has a wonderful large medium size and LOVES being around other dogs. She is a head turner and looks like a GUND stuffed teddy bear. We can’t wait to see the red, apricot and cream puppies that she will produce!

“Phoebe is the most loving and affectionate dog we have ever had!  She is so expressive that it’s like having another person in the family, just one who wears a fur coat.  She always wants to be with us no matter where we are.  She loves to play ball, go to the dog park, play with her sisters, dog and human, and just sit with us on the couch.  She is an amazing dog, and we couldn’t imagine our family without her in it!”

from Tanja, Phoebe’s guardian mom


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