Potty Training Tips

by mindi on August 28, 2023

Dogs are clean animals that don’t want to go to the bathroom in their home. We just have to show them where the bathroom is! Here are my top potty training tips:

  1. Keep your puppy on a consistent schedule, starting with every 30 minutes. 
  2. Supervise your puppy at all times so you can stop accidents before they happen.
  3. Always take your puppy outside after she eats, drinks, plays, or wakes up. 
  4. When you take your puppy outside, keep her on a leash until she does her business. Once she does potty, give her lots of praise and let her play.
  5. Never punish your puppy for having an accident inside. If she does potty inside, immediately take her out. 
  6. Teach your puppy a signal to tell you when she needs to potty. 

Remember, all dogs are individuals and will progress differently. Always contact your vet if you suspect a medical issue. Doing all of these things but still need help? Contact our Behavior Specialist, JoAnna, at [email protected]

Written by JoAnna Rogowski, MS, KPA CTP