• Parents: Poppy x Zeus
  • Size: Medium
  • Coat: Fleece
  • Color: Apricot

Presley will steal your heart. She is the kind of dog that gets along with anyone and everyone. She is a darling medium apricot girl from our beloved Poppy and Zeus. Poppy is one of the smartest dogs we’ve ever had and we know that Presley comes from the best. Here’s what her family had to say about her:

“Presley has been the perfect addition to our big busy family. She has the best temperament. Presley is very intuitive and empathetic. Her fun-loving yet calm disposition allows her to be a wonderful companion to our children and a friend to people of all ages. She gets along well with other dogs. Presley is athletic and enjoys being active, yet she is also very content keeping us company snuggling next to someone at home. She doesn’t mind being dressed up by our youngest and is always up for an adventure. She loves walks, riding along in the car, playing fetch in the yard, boat rides and lake time activities.”