Puppy Nursery


When our puppies are five weeks old, we start socializing them during sunny days with playtimes in our Puppy Pavillion. Our puppy area has a mat that may be bleached regularly for sanitation and that is also soft and cushy on puppies’ paws. We also have a large area with cedar chips that reinforces our litterbox training of the puppies.

Our playhouse is heated and cooled when needed and also has numerous chewtoys and play toys for socialization. The puppies get so excited to play in the play yard and will follow single file out to play when we let them out of their whelping pen in the morning. It is a sight to see!

We play with our puppies regularly and with such a large family and that we homeschool our older kids, puppies are handled all day long. We love our babies and we think it shows when they head home!