Rory of Fife

Lomond Hills Rory of Fife. Yes, we can say we go to the ends of the Earth to locate the perfect studs for our breeding program. A few years ago, we decided to research the genealogy of the McMillan Clan and our journey took us to Scotland. A dream was realized for Kyle as he walked where his ancestors walked. While in Scotland, we called upon breeder friends that we had only known on line until that time. We travelled to the most charming farm in the Scottish Highland. It truly looked like we stepped into a Scottish postcard. Bramble and stone fencing, a charming farmhouse… lovely. We enjoyed our time with the McKinneys and realized we had made friends and found our Scottish breeding counterparts. We interacted with their dogs and chose which parents we would like to have for our future stud puppy. Long story short, Rory was born and he journeyed to us in February of 2016 after completing his health testing. He scored beautifully and will be the most amazing addition to our breeding program! He lives in Zionsville with our lucky friends and their precious doodle, Georgia, and three human kiddos. For fun, we wrapped Rory in the McMillan tartan! We love our little Scottish laddie. Rory is a small medium red stud muffin! We cannot thank Lomond Hills enough for the gift of Rory to CVL!