Sweet Caroline


Sweet Caroline is all that her name implies! She is truly a kind and caring dog. She is exceptionally people-oriented and a happy member of the most fabulous guardian family with four children. Her guardian father recently gave up his job at a prestigious law firm to serve with International Justice Missions to fight human and sex trafficking abroad; while her family is living in southeast Asia, Caroline is staying with us. A donation will be made from her last two litters to support the work her guardian family is doing with this awesome organization!

“I love my Labradoodle, Sweet Caroline, for five main reasons. My first reason is she is really fuzzy. She is the fuzziest dog I have ever had. My second reason is she is playful. She plays fetch, catches balls in her mouth when we throw them, and chases me. Next, she is super cute. Her big eyes just look so adorable when she looks straight at me. After cute is cuddly. She loves to hop in my bed and just sit there while I pet her. Lastly, she is really active. She goes on runs and plays a good outfielder in our kickball games. That is why my Labradoodle is the best dog ever.”

From Kati, age 11

Pedigree-Colonial Village Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline OFA