9079292629_7a30f7cdb5_bColonial Village Miss Virginia

Virginia is a lovely curly fleece chocolate puppy with the quintessential Labradoodle temperament. She carries on her mama’s therapy dog pedigree, as she is the daughter of Stonegate Elementary’s own Miss Independence. Virginia is the beloved family pet of a family with three kiddos including a new baby. She is easy going and we can’t wait to see her puppies. When people ask me if our dogs are good around children, I think of how gentle Virginia is with her new baby sister!

My dog, Virginia, means everything to me! She’s so special, cute, funny, and caring. Virginia is friendly and will play with anybody. She loves meeting new people – and new dogs. Taking walks around the neighborhood is one of her favorite things to do. She loves to say “hi!” to anyone she passes. Virginia loves people, especially when they love her back. When I come home from school, she is poking her head through the fence, watching and waiting for me. When she sees me, she jumps up high in the air and runs around the yard, giving me slobbery kisses. I love Miss Virginia, and Virginia loves me!
-Grace, aged 10

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