Why choose Colonial Village Labradoodles?

1. We only use breeding stock that is tested and has fabulous temperaments. Our dogs live in our home and in specially selected guardian homes. They must be able to be a part of our family first and foremost. Our dogs are not raised in kennels. They are pets first and breeding prospects second. We love our dogs and it is evident in the puppies that we produce! Please, please when selecting a breeder ask about where the guardian dogs are kept, too. It is no longer enough to only view the breeder’s home. We will include a letter from all of our guardians with pictures of our dogs with their guardian families.

2. We send our babies off with the best start in life. Our family focuses our collected attention on your baby from the moment of conception until we place the puppy into your arms and loving care. We follow a special training program that is developmentally appropriate for 0-8 week puppies, we begin housebreaking with a regimented schedule, and we offer the best veterinary care to our babies. We spare no expense to offer you a puppy that we are proud to carry our name!20130611_145watermark3. We send you home with a puppy that has started crate and housetraining, food, treats, a special dog bed, and best of all … fabulous socialization! We value the time that we have with each puppy and with our 8 kids- you can trust that your puppy receives constant love and socialization!

4. We value our male and female puppies equally. Due to early de-sexing, both genders of puppies make exceptional family pets. Why do we early de-sex? We are striving to produce the happiest and healthiest puppies that we can. Do you have a question or concern about our procedures? Our vets at Hermann Mobile Veterinary Care are available to answer any questions at 317-313-8760.  This process protects your puppy from future health issues. Our puppies are multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. This is a clear distinction from a lab/poodle cross or an f1B. Please do your research when considering if a Colonial Village Labradoodle is right for you.

5. We offer exclusive CVL client perks. We offer boarding, grooming, and training on our farm. Our clients have exclusive access to our additional dog services. We love our puppies dearly and are thrilled to be able to welcome them back to our farm periodically.